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15/06/17 App3x D Lenigas
15/06/17 Appendix 03B
15/06/17 Board Appointment
15/06/17 Cleansing Notice
15/06/17 Historical Co-Ni Mine Acquisition
13/06/17 Request Trading Halt
31/03/17 Combined Quarterly Report
31/12/16 Combined Quarterly Report
29/12/16 Cleansing Notice
12/12/16 Respond to Price Query
07/12/16 Cleansing Notice
30/11/2016 AGM Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form
31/10/2016 CLY Final Quarterly Activity Report and Cashflow
12/10/2016 Cleansing Notice
11/10/2016 Respond to Price and Volume Query
11/10/2016 Request Trading Halt
11/10/2016 Placement
11/10/2016 Appendix 03B Placement
4/10/2016 Annual Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G
4/10/2016 2016 Annual Report
21/9/2016 2016 CLY financials
23/08/2016 Becoming a substantial holder
23/08/2016 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
29/07/2016 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

19/07/2016 Becoming a substantial holder

7/07/2016 Initial Director's Interest Notice
7/07/2016 Final Director's Interest Notice
7/07/2016 Director Appointment/Resignation
15/06/2016 Change of Auditor
20/05/2016 Becoming a substantial holder
20/05/2016 Appendix 3B
20/05/2016 Details of Company Address
20/05/2016 Results of Meeting
20/05/2016 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
19/05/2016 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
6/05/2016 Completion of $2m Rights Issue
29/04/2016 Quarterly Cashflow Report
29/04/2016 Quarterly Activities Report
15/04/2016 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
14/04/2016 Issue of Placement Shares and Cleansing Notice
12/04/2016 Renounceable Issue - Amended Timetable
12/04/2016 Renounceable Issue - Amended Timetable
11/04/2016 Letter to Non-Eligible Shareholders
11/04/2016 Letter to Eligible Shareholders - Rights Issue
11/04/2016 Appendix 3B - Rights Issue
11/04/2016 Disclosure Document
11/04/2016 Appendix 3B - Placement
11/04/2016 Rights Issue and Placement
7/04/2016 Trading Halt
1/04/2016 Ramelius withdraws from Condobolin JV
31/03/2016 Board changes
29/03/2016 Kaizen withdrawal from Fairholme JV
16/02/2016 HPX withdrawal from Trundle JV
18/01/2016 Trundle Drilling Final 2015 11
24/8/2015 Trundle Update Final
5/5/2015 Placement and Joint Venture on Trundle Project with HPX
18/2/2015 Update on HPX Discussions
30/3/2015 Joint Venture on Condobolin Project with Ramelius
4/12/2014 Fairholme Drilling to Commence
4/12/2014 Molybdenum Discovered at the Cundumbul Project
29/11/2013 2013 ABM North Arunta Acquisition
06/09/2013 2013 Half Year Accounts
17/06/2013 Gold and Silver Hits Extend Meritilga Lode
24/05/2013 2013 AGM Managing Directors Presentation
24/05/2013 2013 AGM Chairman's Address
20/05/2013 Clancy signs Joint Venture Agreement with High Power Exploration
25/03/2013 2012 Full Year Accounts
13/01/2013 Sale of JV Interests to Gold Fields Clancy to Raise $1.5m
12/09/2012 2012 Half Year Accounts
03/09/2012 Board Changes
13/08/2012 Clancy enters new $3m joint venture in NSW with Mitsubishi
23/07/2012 Second Supplementary Bidder's Statement for GES
     20/07/2012     Offer for Genesis Resources Now Unconditional
20/07/2012 Clancy's Offer for Genesis is now Unconditional and Final
16/07/2012 Appendix 3B
16/07/2012 Secondary Trading Notice
16/07/2012 Issue of Shares - Employee Incentive Scheme
16/07/2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
26/06/2012 Supplementary Bidder's Statement for the Offer by Clancy Exploration Limited to acquire all the Shares in Genesis Resources Limited
22/06/2012 Extension of offer for Genesis Resources and preliminary
31/05/2012 Chairmans AGM address 2012
16/05/2012 Increase in offer for Genesis Resources and lodgement of bidder’s statement
     02/04/2012 Off-Market Takeover Offer for Genesis Resources Limited
Clancy yields visible gold and potential alluvial gold
20/01/2012 Condobolin Project Yields Visible Gold and Potential Alluvial Gold
04/01/2012 Condobolin, Trundle and Gobondery Drilling Update
21/12/2011 Condobolin Update - 21 December 2011
    13/10/2011     Condobolin Update - Drilling 24 October 2011
25/07/2011   Clancy Appoints New Chairman
13/07/2011 Clancy Signs Up Preferred Drilling Contractor
$5 Million Drilling Contract Over 3 Years
06/06/2011  Completion of $4.38 Million Rights Issue
02/06/2011     AGM 2011 Broadcast Presentation 
24/05/2011 Condobolin Exploration Update - Screen fire assay results upgrade previous gold intercepts
23/03/2011 Significant Gold and Base Metals Intercepts at Condobolin
11/03/2011 New Director Appointed - Dr Mike Etheridge
28/02/2011 Trundle Drilling Results - High Grade Gold and Copper at Trundle Park
20/01/2011 RC drilling commences at Condobolin
05/01/2011 New Tasmanian Joint Ventures Formed
20/12/2010 Drilling to Commence at Trundle - 6 January 2011
10/12/2010 Management Changes
28/10/2010 High Grade Precious and Base Metals at Condobolin
27/10/2010 Orange East Diamond Drilling Results
11/08/2010 Rights Issue closes Oversubscribed
08/07/2010 Fully Underwritten Rights Issue
25/06/2010 Exploration Drilling Update
09/06/2010 Significant Gold Intercept at Moorefield
24/05/2010 Significant IP Anomalies Identified at Orange East
20/05/2010 Gold Fields Enters into Four New Joint Ventures with Clancy
3D IP Anomaly Defined at Trundle - Drilling Underway 
30/03/2010 Placement Completed
22/03/2010 Gold Fields JV's - Exploration Update
09/03/2010 Trundle Exploration Update
04/03/2010 Orange East Exploration Update 
16/12/2009 Clancy Acquires 25% Interest in Tenement Prospective for High Grade Copper 
25/11/2009 Clancy to raise up to $2.56 million
25/11/2009 Share Purchase Plan
11/11/2009 Gold Fields plans to spend $5.4m on JV Projects
29/10/2009 Promising Drilling Results from Orange East
27/08/2009 Clancy Moves to full ownership of Trundle
12/08/2009 More High-Grade Copper at Orange East 
09/07/2009 Gold Fields set to spend up to $2 million on Clancy Tenements in Sept Quarter
12/06/2009 Rights Issue Complete
18/05/2009 Clancy expands A-Class target holdings with Trundle acquisition
06/05/2009 Clancy Uncovers More Copper and Gold Anomalies at Orange East
04/05/2009 Clancy Extends Copper- Gold Intersections at Myall
17/04/2009 Major Expansion of Partnership with Gold Fields
15/04/2009 Clancy Hits Significant Copper and Gold in First Drilling Program at Myall
15/04/2009 Clancy Intersects High Grade Gold at the Eurowie Prospect, Cowal East
16/03/2009 Acquisition of projects from Centaurus completed
27/01/2009 Clancy Expands Potential at Cowal East
15/12/2008 Exploration Results Continue to Flow at Clancy
27/11/2008 Clancy attracts $3 million additional funding from Gold Fields
17/10/2008 Change of Registered office and address
08/10/2008 Clancy Expands its A-Class target footprint in NSW
02/10/2008 More Positive Drilling Results for Clancy at Eurowie
12/09/2008 Clancy Exploration on the hunt after hitting big system
11/09/2008 Directors' Report for the half year ended 30 June 2008
17/07/2008 Exciting Molybdenum results at Wellington North
04/06/2008 Clancy Exploration outlines its growth plans on Boardroom Radio
19/05/2008 Advances in Tasmanian Joint Venture Exploration
28/04/2008 New Results 'Spot On Target' for Clancy
10/04/2008 Clancy's Projects in the Lachlan Fold Belt show promise
30/10/2007 Clancy Releases Fact Sheet and Hits the Road
23/10/2007 Clancy commences extensive drilling program at Gobondery
18/10/2007 Clancy uncovers significant IP anomalies at Gobondery
27/09/2007 Clancy Exploration Shifts into High Gear


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